MAGMA Petroleum Investment Company LTD is a renowned petroleum investment company with a distinct focus on strategic worldwide investments within the dynamic petroleum sector. Our unwavering commitment to building competitive advantages in talent, financial strength, portfolio scale, and global relationships drives our mission to create lasting value and foster positive economic and social impact in communities both at home and abroad.
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Securing Development Rights

We actively seek to secure new and existing oil, gas, and power development rights. This involves acquiring exploration and production rights for untapped resources as well as participating in projects that are in the development stage. By securing these rights, we position ourselves strategically to explore and exploit the potential of these assets, maximizing returns for our stakeholders.
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Active Participation in Concessions

We aim to actively participate in oil, gas, and power concessions. This involves forming partnerships, joint ventures, or collaborations with governments, national oil companies, and other industry stakeholders. Through active participation, we leverage our industry expertise, financial strength, and technical capabilities to contribute to the development and operation of concessions. Our goal is to add value throughout the entire value chain, from exploration and production to refining, distribution, and power generation.
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Continuous Evaluation and Adaptation

The petroleum industry is dynamic and subject to evolving market conditions, technological advancements, and regulatory changes. We are committed to continuous evaluation of our strategy and adapting to emerging trends. By staying agile and proactive, we can seize new opportunities, mitigate risks, and position ourselves at the forefront of industry developments.
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Founded in 2016

Business Operations

Our Company 7 year experience
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Magma Petroleum Investment Limited operates in Nigeria and is made up of seasoned professionals that operates under the stringent quality standards with intent to make positive impact on the Nigeria economy. Magma Petroleum Investment Ltd has established alliances with experienced Financial institutions within and outside the country and also intends to establish strong working relations with the International Oil Companies (IOCs), Marginal Field Operators and other Oilfield Service companies, to take on turnkey contracts, multiple services contracts and drilling services.

Petroleum 50%
PMS 35%
LNG 15%

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