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Fuel Oil

Fuel oil, also known as heavy oil, is a crucial liquid fuel derived from crude oil. Whether it's powering furnaces, boilers, engines, or even fuel trucks and power generating sets, fuel oil plays a pivotal role in providing the heat and power that drive our modern world. Examples like kerosene, home heating oil, diesel fuel, and coal oil underscore its versatile applications.


Derived from crude distillation, naphtha serves as a fundamental aid in refining crude into more efficient products. Beyond fuel production, it finds applications in petrochemical manufacturing and acts as a versatile solvent for various organic substances, paint, lighters, and cleaning fluids.

Crude Oil

The lifeblood of the petroleum industry, crude oil is nature's unrefined treasure, composed of valuable hydrocarbon deposits and organic materials. This precious resource, discovered through oil drilling, undergoes meticulous refining to yield an array of commodities, including diesel, gasoline, jet fuel, heating oil, and vital petrochemicals.


Also known as asphalt, bitumen is the resilient, sticky concoction of hydrocarbons, found naturally or obtained as a residue from petroleum distillation. This indispensable product finds its primary purpose in the construction industry, where it paves the way for robust road infrastructure.

Gasoil (Diesel)

Crafted specifically for diesel engines, this fractional distillate of fuel oil ignites without a spark, relying on compression of the air mixture and fuel injection. Like gasoline, standardized specifications ensure consistent performance across regions, making diesel a vital force behind various applications, from transportation to industrial machinery.

Premium Motor Spirit/PMS (Gasoline)

Clear, flammable, and derived from petroleum, gasoline drives the spark-ignited internal combustion engines that power our automobiles. Adhering to strict regional specifications on sulphur content, octane rating, and additives composition, gasoline remains the lifeblood of mobility and transportation worldwide.


Jet A1 fuel, or aviation turbine fuel, is a high-quality kerosene-like product crucial for aviation. As expert oil and gas traders, we ensure its reliable supply to airports and airlines worldwide, powering safe and efficient flights for both commercial and military aircraft. Its low freezing point and high flash point make it ideal for diverse climatic conditions, ensuring smooth operations in the aviation industry.

LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas)

LNG (liquefied natural gas) is a supercooled form of natural gas that condenses into a liquid for ease of transportation and storage. As an expert oil and Gas trading company, we recognize LNG's versatility as a clean and efficient energy source. It is utilized in power generation, industrial processes, and as a fuel for various transportation modes, playing a vital role in reducing emissions and promoting sustainable energy solutions globally.

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