As a highly seasoned and accomplished refined crude oil supplier and explorer, Magma proudly boasts a rich history of fostering robust Petroleum Products & Crude Trading agreements. Among our esteemed partners are globally renowned International Oil Companies (IOCs) like ExxonMobil, and esteemed local producers including Energia Nig Ltd, Midwestern Oil and Gas Ltd, and Platform Petroleum Ltd.

Our successful partnerships with these industry leaders have solidified our reputation for excellence and reliability in the market. As we continue to make significant strides in the oil and gas sector, we remain eager and open to forging new trading relationships with other Local Marginal Field Operators within both the Nigerian and African Crude Oil Market.

Magma’s approach to collaboration is grounded in mutual growth and shared prosperity. We bring to the table an unwavering commitment to professionalism, transparency, and ethical business practices, ensuring that each partnership thrives on a foundation of trust and integrity.

Through our strategic and enterprising mindset, we have strategically diversified our trading portfolio, allowing us to navigate the dynamic oil market with resilience and adaptability. This broad-based approach empowers us to effectively address market fluctuations while maintaining stability and consistency in our supply chains.

Our esteemed relationships with IOCs and local producers serve as a testament to the industry’s confidence in our capabilities. As we venture into new partnerships with other local operators, we bring to bear our extensive expertise, market insights, and logistical prowess. These elements combine to ensure seamless operations and on-time deliveries, bolstering the success and profitability of all stakeholders involved.